At the Sport Psychology Center, we are a group of over 20 psychologists and mental trainers who have a vision that all athletes will have access to mental training - in all sports, at all ages, at all levels and all over the country.

In 2010 we founded Sportdoc College and were the first in the country to teach Sport Psychology and certify mental trainers to work professionally with athletes. Since then, we have trained hundreds of people who now lead the field in sport psychology and work in a wide variety of sports.


Sport Psychology Center


We offer year long certification courses to people who are interested in working as mental trainers with athletes. The courses focus on the issues athletes face when competing in "real" time and the tools we give them to manage the stress. The course emphasizes the practical aspects of Sport Psychology and uses videos, case studies, simulations, guest speakers and activities within the lectures. Students have the option to do a practicum and get supervision on their work.

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Do you lose confidence after you make a mistake?
Do you freeze under pressure?
Is it difficult for you to concentrate for a long time?

We work with athletes, both youth and professional, to help them manage the stress of competition and reach their peak performance.


We work with children and youth who are having difficulties with limits, adjustment issues, social issues, or just coping with everyday pressures and fears. Our model is an alternative to traditional therapies and includes physical activity as well as providing a supportive relationship in a safe place with young and dynamic mental trainers.

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Test Anxiety

We provide a unique online program to students across the world at a very affordable price. Our mission is to ensure that students succeed to “show what they know” when under pressure.

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We offer dynamic, experiential and challenging workshops to athletes, coaches and organizational managers using sport psychology concepts, activities, videos and theoretical material.