There are many types of parents and parenting styles. There's the parent that shows little interest in his child's activities. There's the critical parent that is never satisfied with his child's performance. There's the parent that sees himself as knowing more than the coach. There's the over-protective parent that is always concerned and worried about his child's well-being.

All of these types of parents create stress in their children! In fact the intensity of the child – parent relationship puts, by definition, pressure on the child. It is true even with the “perfect” parent.  The child craves the approval of the parent and wants to succeed in making the parent proud. The child knows how invested the parent is in his sport emotionally and financially not to mention the enormous amount of time he spends at practices and games. There is a tremendous amount of pressure on the child as he feels the need to succeed in order to please the parent.

Your child has chosen a path in life that is unique as day after day and week after week he is continually putting himself on the line and risking failure.

You can help your children by encouraging them to:

☛Take risks

☛Focus on things he/she can control

☛Focus on performance and improvement
☛See a difficult situation in a positive way

☛Support the coach

☛Have fun

Remember, sport is what we do, not who we are.